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About our Mission Statement – ‘Real Women, Real Therapists, Real Results’
Mar 08

About our Mission Statement – ‘Real Women, Real Therapists, Real Results’

To mark International Women’s Day we posted some of our favourite quotes on Facebook, each of us picking a quote that related to us as a woman, and how we see other women. It got us thinking that we wanted to share with you the things that are important to us in running our salon, and what it is that we set out to achieve for our clients. And that all comes down to our mission statement:


‘Real Women, Real Therapists, Real Results’!


Of course, our primary goal is to offer amazing treatments, using the best products by highly skilled Therapists. And we definitely have that covered! But just as important is our goal to create a friendly and relaxed environment within the salon, where any person from any walk of life will feel comfortable coming in for a treatment. Some women find beauty salons intimidating places. They feel they can’t walk in or turn up for an appointment unless they are looking their absolute best. This completely goes against everything we believe a salon experience should be. We want our clients to feel totally at ease entering The Beauty Rooms. Even if you are wearing no make-up, have baby sick on your shoulder or are just having a down day.


We are real women too, all with our own insecurities, and our aim is to make every woman who walks in to our salon, walk out feeling better about themselves and completely un-judged. If we can achieve this, with real results, then we are happy!


*P.s we wholeheartedly welcome male clients to our salon too, but as it is International Women’s Day we’re all about the ladies today! *


The Beauty Rooms - Real Women, Real Therapists, Real Results