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Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent Make Up may be used to enhance your features or to create perfectly applied make up so you will look your best at all times.

It is ideal for enhancing eyebrows, defining eyes and accentuating your lips to provide you with a natural or more glamorous effect to which you desire.

Katie Murphy

Semi–Permanent Make-Up

Katie of KM Permanent Makeup is a professionally trained beauty therapist of over 10 years. Professionally trained at the Internationally recognised Tracie Giles training academy in techniques using the TG Indelibeliner system and using some of the industries best pigments.

The micro-needling technique is used to create perfect eyebrows, eyeliner, eye lash enhancements and lip liner & blush. The finished result can be natural and subtle or more of a glamorous look. This is also a popular treatment for those with non eyebrow hair whether this is due to a medical or over plucking. This treatment suits everyone. Define, accentuate, and wake up with make up.

Semi-permanent eyebrows

Semi-permanent eyebrows (before & after)

More images can be found by going to @kmpermanentmakeup.


Pricing for our treatments are as follows:-


  • Consultation (20 minutes) – FREE
  • KM 3D hair stroke brows – £250
  • 6 month re-touch – £100
  • 1 year re-touch – £150


  • Eyelash enhancement – Top – £250
  • Eyelash enhancement – Top & Bottom – £300
  • Eyelash enhancement – 6 month top-up – £150
  • Eyelash enhancement – 1 year top-up – £200


  • Lip liner and blush – £350
  • Lip liner and blush – 6 month re-touch – £200
  • Lip liner and blush – 1 year re-touch – £250